Thursday, January 29, 2009

No more bonded labour!!!

29th Jan 2009, today I complete my two years at Satyam. This is the place where I commenced my career from. Looking through the days two years back, it has been quite exciting, there were obviously some scary moments and now some unpredictable events...But the journey continues.
I was a bit disappointed when my Joining date got postponed. I wanted to escape from my home ASAP since some marriage alliances were going on and I didn’t want to marry anyone other than my Love :-). Daily I start my day at temple praying to lord for the new joining date, finally on a fine 25th of January we were supposed to gather at Masha Allah building in Hyderabad for our joining formalities. My parents and brothers too accompanied me over there. From that point onwards, my journey was with my colleagues. We were taken to a five star hotel, Hotel "The Manohar" for our joining formalities.All seemed to be quite tensed. All freshers, very few familiar faces, new surroundings, new city, and totally new role. We were all students and now we are professionals.
We completed our joining formalities, had a sumptuous lunch and by evening all formalities got over and we headed to our new home. Next three days being holidays we had our induction on 29th Jan at STC (Satyam Technology Centre), Bahadurpally. Here we start it. Obviously in a huge crowd one would surely look out for a familiar face and we too did the same, fortunately I had two of my friends of school over here and we 3 occupied adjacent seats. But the authorities asked us to mingle among ourselves. Hmm, finally we were seated like gal, guy, gal, guy n so. We gently introduced ourselves to others who were sitting next to us. I think that was the first and last time I have been so polite :-P. Lol. Though the induction was good, with many seniors giving out their speech, in between, I felt sleepy. We were divided into group of 30 and luckily I got my friend also in my same batch. But for our training 2 groups were merged and we constituted some 60 people, yes here the batch 677-678 was born.
Our training phase was divided into 2 phases; who cares about that, anyway its training, the right time to sleep. We had tests(OLA-Online learning Assessment) almost every week based on the topic that was taught and we need to secure 70% marks for a pass percentage. If one fails to clear the test then they will be given the certificate of “LOC”; it’s of course not” Line Of Control”, it’s “Letter Of Caution”,to alert one that he/she is below the company standards. Hmm we had some 8 OLA’s during our training period. And many many LOC’s floated in air. To add spice to the training schedule, and to enhance the interactive capability of associates, we had seminar sessions each day. It was almost like “news reading”.. We enjoyed all these and the best part being the "break" between the session when we fought near the vending machine for our turn. We had formed a “Mallu” group among us, and we used to gather together for evening snacks and no doubt, snatches food from each other’s plates like mad wolves.:-) . We all showed off our talents on our spotlight, an event filled with fun and enthusiasm, songs, dances, stage shows, it was really amazing.
And our daily trip from the city to STC was hectic. We had training during the noon shift and we use to board our bus around 12 30 -1 pm and the noon journey that too during summer was pathetic. Still all of us successfully completed our training and were then benched, but for a very short time unlike others. In a month or two all of my batch mates got into projects, we moved on to different locations, different group of people. Met many civilized as well as uncivilized people, indeed we had fun.
And I did enjoy my career expect the relocations. Hyderabad to Chennai, then to Bangalore and finally Pune. Had bench experience as well as project experience and currently having a very tough experience.
Being here I faced the fear of being fired from the organization too. But now the situation has totally changed. Of course these tough times have surely made me much tougher.In between my marriage too got fixed with my love and now I wait for the 2 lakhs deposit I kept with Satyam(I had kept it as deposit ,basically to escape from marriage for 2 years, lol!!!)
Although it’s not a very good time for all Satyamites, on completing my 2nd anniversary here, I do take a chance to thank this organization and the people around me who helped me “build” my career. We are on the process of coming out from a deep gorge, can’t predict what will happen tomorrow, But hope keeps our spirits alive. Also I am more happy today as I completed my 2 years bonded labour (of 2 lakhs INR)with satyam :-) Like all my other batchmates, now I too waiting for that cash!!!. I would say we are now independant here. Till this day we 677-678 people were together, but now on our destinations may be different,whatever it is, I hope all my batchmates would surely remember the place,from where we commenced our career from. All the very best my dear 677 678 guys...



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