Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami and Earthquake

I have faced this question in many interviews. any unforgettable day in your life, so far I answered, not yet, but now for sure I would say , its 11 march 2011. Its over 1.5 years here for me and 3 plus for Vineeth @ Japan. Before he brought me here, he had warned me about the quakes here, and he being experienced with those minor shakes comforted me when i experienced those and soon me too became accustomed to them. So far so good, lovely place, lovely people.
But yesterday was totally different day, woke up as usual, cooked food, blogged, ate lunch, studied for sometime.
These days I don’t know f its laziness that’s inviting so much sleep to me, but I feel a lot tired and Sleep like a pig! Yesterday too, around 2 pm, I sent message to Vineeth to call me by 3 pm, since I wont wake up without his call, and I had a lot to study. Lazy me, put on the blankets, turned on the heater, and started sleeeeping!
All I could remember is something shook me, A sleepy pig like me, to wake up so fast, it sure is a big shaking. I looked up at heater , half sleepy and found it off, neither Vineeth had called me, But the lamp above me was swinging, I could hear the fusumas(sliding doors) hitting each other and making sound, The glass panes shivering, Everything happened altogether and I just ran out of bed.
I wasn’t even able to balance myself, it was shaking terrible, I could figure out its something serious, Went and took hold of "Vilakku"(lamp) in hands and sat at a corner. Heard many hings falling down, I didn’t know what from where,For a moment Kith n Kins faces came in front of me. I cried and prayed. I had my mobile in my pockets, I tried calling Vineeth, but call was getting disconnected.
All I could see around was the walls shaking terribly and the hanging lamp swinging with full force, I was even scared if it might come down n knock my head.
 It stopped for a moment, I managed to open window n see if anyone is running out, but ppl who were walking did gather at places apart from buildings n no one was running out. Vineeth had warned me before itself not to run out of house in case of quakes, cos house is the safest area.Dont know if its cos of fear, but i felt like peeing! and rushed to bathroom only to get scared more, the water was dancing inside. My lord, What the hell! happened to looks at laptop, just to know the news, and realized no power, no net, total disaster. Everytime the quake slows down, I would think oh, this is over, im safe, and try calling Vineeth, but no use, and then it would shake again! I even looked out through my window to see if my hubbys office building is safe! lol hes more important than my life for me, And when I see it I feel relaxed.
I was always scared of roller coaster ride and always took a ride after Vineeth forcing me, n I either sit with my eyes closed or would scream like a kid for 2-3 minutes, But yesterday it was more or less 1.5 hours of roller coaster ride. I didn’t scream for sure, I was rather confused, Many faces came in front of me, I called many gods name, I was praying for life.Time never pass on so fast like yesterday! Scary moments, shaking surroundings.
It was when Vineeth reached back home, I realized what all happened around, He asked me to call home and inform that we are safe, we tried and tried and finally got connected to my dad and they were so relaxed after hearing my voice. The medias as usual exaggerating news had created real panic in India.Yesterday 7 hours it was full terror and anxiety, and finally when power came on we were much relaxed, but when we switched on TV we were again tensed!
But was really happy to see messages and mails from friends and relatives asking about our well being, its really nice to know people do care us!
Yesterday sleeping was also a bit difficult with quakes following in and above 120 shakes following the major one did really bring headache and I wasn’t even able to figure out if its me or earth shaking!
Today too we are experiencing some minor quakes, but all is well, Life getting back to normal, still tension prevailing in mind.
Hope God saves each and every child of his from disaster, Prayers for all the souls who lost their life in Th Tsunami Hit yesterday at Sendai Coast.
Million Thanks to God and all who prayed for people at Japan.