Thursday, January 29, 2009

No more bonded labour!!!

29th Jan 2009, today I complete my two years at Satyam. This is the place where I commenced my career from. Looking through the days two years back, it has been quite exciting, there were obviously some scary moments and now some unpredictable events...But the journey continues.
I was a bit disappointed when my Joining date got postponed. I wanted to escape from my home ASAP since some marriage alliances were going on and I didn’t want to marry anyone other than my Love :-). Daily I start my day at temple praying to lord for the new joining date, finally on a fine 25th of January we were supposed to gather at Masha Allah building in Hyderabad for our joining formalities. My parents and brothers too accompanied me over there. From that point onwards, my journey was with my colleagues. We were taken to a five star hotel, Hotel "The Manohar" for our joining formalities.All seemed to be quite tensed. All freshers, very few familiar faces, new surroundings, new city, and totally new role. We were all students and now we are professionals.
We completed our joining formalities, had a sumptuous lunch and by evening all formalities got over and we headed to our new home. Next three days being holidays we had our induction on 29th Jan at STC (Satyam Technology Centre), Bahadurpally. Here we start it. Obviously in a huge crowd one would surely look out for a familiar face and we too did the same, fortunately I had two of my friends of school over here and we 3 occupied adjacent seats. But the authorities asked us to mingle among ourselves. Hmm, finally we were seated like gal, guy, gal, guy n so. We gently introduced ourselves to others who were sitting next to us. I think that was the first and last time I have been so polite :-P. Lol. Though the induction was good, with many seniors giving out their speech, in between, I felt sleepy. We were divided into group of 30 and luckily I got my friend also in my same batch. But for our training 2 groups were merged and we constituted some 60 people, yes here the batch 677-678 was born.
Our training phase was divided into 2 phases; who cares about that, anyway its training, the right time to sleep. We had tests(OLA-Online learning Assessment) almost every week based on the topic that was taught and we need to secure 70% marks for a pass percentage. If one fails to clear the test then they will be given the certificate of “LOC”; it’s of course not” Line Of Control”, it’s “Letter Of Caution”,to alert one that he/she is below the company standards. Hmm we had some 8 OLA’s during our training period. And many many LOC’s floated in air. To add spice to the training schedule, and to enhance the interactive capability of associates, we had seminar sessions each day. It was almost like “news reading”.. We enjoyed all these and the best part being the "break" between the session when we fought near the vending machine for our turn. We had formed a “Mallu” group among us, and we used to gather together for evening snacks and no doubt, snatches food from each other’s plates like mad wolves.:-) . We all showed off our talents on our spotlight, an event filled with fun and enthusiasm, songs, dances, stage shows, it was really amazing.
And our daily trip from the city to STC was hectic. We had training during the noon shift and we use to board our bus around 12 30 -1 pm and the noon journey that too during summer was pathetic. Still all of us successfully completed our training and were then benched, but for a very short time unlike others. In a month or two all of my batch mates got into projects, we moved on to different locations, different group of people. Met many civilized as well as uncivilized people, indeed we had fun.
And I did enjoy my career expect the relocations. Hyderabad to Chennai, then to Bangalore and finally Pune. Had bench experience as well as project experience and currently having a very tough experience.
Being here I faced the fear of being fired from the organization too. But now the situation has totally changed. Of course these tough times have surely made me much tougher.In between my marriage too got fixed with my love and now I wait for the 2 lakhs deposit I kept with Satyam(I had kept it as deposit ,basically to escape from marriage for 2 years, lol!!!)
Although it’s not a very good time for all Satyamites, on completing my 2nd anniversary here, I do take a chance to thank this organization and the people around me who helped me “build” my career. We are on the process of coming out from a deep gorge, can’t predict what will happen tomorrow, But hope keeps our spirits alive. Also I am more happy today as I completed my 2 years bonded labour (of 2 lakhs INR)with satyam :-) Like all my other batchmates, now I too waiting for that cash!!!. I would say we are now independant here. Till this day we 677-678 people were together, but now on our destinations may be different,whatever it is, I hope all my batchmates would surely remember the place,from where we commenced our career from. All the very best my dear 677 678 guys...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A face to remember

It was indeed a wonderful trip, this was not the first time that I am boarding Raj National Express, it’s the third time, and so with the some good expectations, I booked tickets with them. This time too, as usual they didn’t keep their timings, but the good thing is the seats are having a leather cover, and so need not be afraid of bed bugs! Lol, I had enough biting from them even in Volvo buses :-(.
Reached the boarding point at 7 15PM, pick up van came by around 7.45PM , it was supposed to take us to the bus, and to my great disappointment I noticed that they wasted their diesel by making a round of the city, while the bus had stopped just next to the Raj office.. May be they wanted to prove the Earth is round.
But things were totally disgusting when I got into the bus. Having prior experience in travelling with raj, I was shocked to see the bus condition; any child will have a doubt if it’s a Volvo bus. My brother even asked me to check if there is any Tata label below the Volvo label he he…
And I noticed a guy sitting on the adjacent seat of mine n I grew more desperate.. I prefer travelling with females for many reasons. But couldn’t find a place to shift. But once the bus halted for the dinner the girl who sat on the same row of mine asked me ” are you comfortable sitting with a guy”
Me “No, actually I thought you are travelling with that guy”.
She “So do u mind exchanging the seats?”
Me” No issues”
There was around 5 more minutes for the bus to leave from there and we both started talking. We were speaking about the bus condition and even she had the doubt if it was a Volvo bus. And also we both discussed on how tiresome the journey between Pune and Bangalore is; it’s a long 16 hrs journey in Bus. She asked me if I work here in Pune. I also told her that I work with Satyam and we both shared our views regarding the satyam scam. 2 total strangers who met just minutes before, by this time had started talking nonstop. When the man sitting next to her came, we gently requested him for exchanging the seats and he agreed with that. Journey continued and we expected the bus people to keep some movies to entertain us in this pathetic bus conditions, but it remained a mere hope, no movie.
Being seated in the 7th row on board, we could count each and every lovely pools on the roads, and sometimes I felt like I was flying from my seats. To add spice to this the man sitting on the next row was snoring to his best. It is a real talent to sleep amidst of all these shakings. We (me n the girl sitting beside) continued our talks, she said she is married and husband at Bangalore, so she travels most weekend down to Bangalore to meet him. I told I have many friends there, so it’s a long weekend, so planned to enjoy there and so on.
Journey continued. We found it a lot disturbing to sleep. It seems the bus counted each an every pool on the road.hmm... Disgusting!!!. Time elapsed, a dreadful night passed along, we both thought the bus might have moved at a great pace at night, so only had to count the pools, but we were wrong. It was 3 hours late from the scheduled time. I knew it when the bus stopped at a Motel. I had been at this place before, while travelling with the same travels. So I knew how far Bangalore was from that place. I wanted to reach little early, but now I knew it is not at all possible. Hmm… fate, else what.
Both of us had cold Badam Milk for breakfast, she bought Orbit for both of us. We had a small stroll outside and finally got into the bus. She had asked me the previous day itself if I was from Kerala; I look like a typical one. And I knew from her that she was from Jammu. We got into the bus as journey continued. We were chatting on how dreadful the night was and she said that she had framed her certificates and painting and have kept on the upper draw of the Bus and was wondering if it would have broken. I was searching a for a place to frame my paintings since a month and I got to know from her , where in Pune I can get it framed. She gave me the address of 2 places.
I asked her if she got married recently and she asked me if my marriage was fixed, I told its fixed and she asked if it was a love or arranged one. I asked her the same, hers was an "arranged with fun" marriage in her concept. She told me she had refused for marriage with the guy who is her husband now and so on.
She asked me what field I’m into and same thing I too enquired from her. We shared snacks which we had in our bags. And in between I had kept my mobile for charging with the bus driver and she kept reminding me on the same. How sweet. And when we finally reached Bangalore (@ Majestic) by 11AM, I helped her take her paintings from the top.
Bus stopped I waived her bye, she too did the same, I got down from the bus, and took an auto. I realized something then, I had been talking with this girl for more than half a day but we both didn’t ask each other’s name!!!. But still we didn’t find it difficult in talking to each other. What lies in a name? It’s all how you deal with others, it’s all up to an individual’s attitude, and frequency of thoughts of the duo .
Though the journey was a bit tough, I enjoyed her company, hoping that I will meet her again to share more jokes and matters on life. She too is my friend now. She is someone special for me. I still remember her with her cute smile. :-)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun @ college

School life and College life, the most enjoyed period of an individual’s life, mine too. Laughter and chatter everywhere, While school life confined mainly with books and games, college life is something different, a feel of being free, gossiping, playing pranks, bunking classes, its real fun.. each and every where u can find a immediate joker.

Here I mention few of those jokes during my college life:
1. A group of girls, of junior batch of mine at college called themselves “LEPROSY” .Hey they are not patients , but they named it with all of the members first letters in name. So it became “LEPROSY”. One of my batch mate a poor silly funny fellow, too innocent asked me one day while those girls strolled near us” Da, those girls are “CHOLERA” na??? Ohhh God!!!!

2. After seeing this girl, at the very first sight itself one would feel that she has got a nut loose. Unfortunately I got into hr umbrella on a very sunny day as to escape from sunrays. Guess what happened? She closed that umbrella!!! Felt so embarrassed. Not this, on rainy days, she will fold her umbrella only after reaching her desk!!!

3. A teacher of ours is so fond of the usage of ”Due to” that we finally renamed him “due to” sir. We used to count the number of due to he use in a single hour, and it would be better if I don’t mention them

4. A super senior of mine proposed the beautiful roommate of mine like this “You are very beautiful and I am in Love with you”. Guess what my roomy replied???? No? Can’t make a guess?? "Thanks"!!!!

5. During one of our elective session, my classmate came late into the class (late in the sense, late by 20-25 minutes).Sir asked him “Are you in this class” He just looks around and replies “Ya I am in this class, I think u r not”!!!

6. Q/A session after seminar got over.. Sir asked the presenter: Mention the major factors affecting so and so… Reply he got: There are mainly 4 factors, viz, first: ---------------------, second: ---------------------, third: ------------------- and last: sorry there were only three factors!!!!

7. There were also very much irresistible moments on our college day, when my batch mate who was totally drunk climbed on the stage and hugged and kissed the singer (lol he is a male singer)

8. A teacher who was a rank holder asked us to give feedback on his lecturing skills and one guy gave it like this" Sir, you ask for feedback, but I cannot feed you back, You a rank man, But we poor student"!!!

9. A quite cozy lecture was going on, and this girl was busy talking on phone lying on her desk. Suddenly her best friend sitting next to her said to her "Sir is asking the question to u". Our girl stood up and asked "Can you plz repeat the question, I couldn't get it". All in the class sat with their mouth wide-open, since there was no question being asked. Hmm I was fooled by my friend!!!

10. Above all there was a poor girl who always drew diagrams on the board when the teacher requested, and alas she failed in that paper for university exams!!!!! That was none other than me :-).

These are all very few instances from college life.. have a lot and lot, but I want to wind up here, else you will get bored :-(, now don’t say you got bored already..plz….

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It’s not a long time that I’m into this city.. And to be frank I don’t find anything much exciting here. Within two years this is my 4th location. Started my journey from Hyderabad to Chennai to Bangalore and finally here. Had different experience from all these places, met different sorts of people, different food habits, Hmm that’s a long story to say about.
Before coming to Pune as usual like all others, I too had many questions- how the climate is over there? Will it be hot or cold, what will be food style? Since I’m from Kerala, my friends told me I would starve form here because I won’t get anything of my taste... Things will be having a “northi” (north Indian) taste. But it is life, it is my career, so had to be here.
Didn’t find much difference from other places, can say a mix of Hyderabad and Bangalore. Climate is 99% similar to Bangalore, and 1% bit cooler, and traffic its almost like Hyderabad, but a little lesser. Thank God I dint find anything similar to Chennai here. And people do take bath and its a clean city.The one and only one thing I found strange here is is the"PMPML", the public transport. Having a look at some of them one may feel the body parts may come out and so feels safe to keep away from it.
I see everyday nearly 6-7 board where it is written”swach Pune sunder Pune” (clean Pune beautiful Pune”). Ya indeed it is clean. Every day I walk 2 kms to catch my office bus, but it was never tiresome for me cos its cool in the morning, and the roads are all too clean, and u don’t find dogs shitting on the roads as in Bangalore or wastages on roads as in Chennai. Lol!!! That’s the worst part of my life I spent there(@ Chennai).
But lack of a friend that’s sure a big problem, and that’s what I’m facing here in Pune.I do have friends here but they are all too far away from my place. Being a big chatter box it’s very difficult for me to keep my mouth shut for a long time and from here I am having headache cos my mouth is shut most of the time :-(. But since I am staying in the heart of Pune city (MG Road), I always get a chance to make a stroll at weekend evenings and that keeps me a bit energetic. And a person with no identity here it’s safe to roam here and there.
During one such evening stroll, I came across my favorite place. The “Vadapav” stall. It’s typically a roadside stall. But the Vadapav over there is famous all over and people come there right from morning 10 till night 10-10.30. It’s crowded almost all of the time. Still I decided to have a munch of this stuff. If so much of people rush over to this spot just for Vadapav, I too must taste it right? So finally I went in through the rush and murmered very softly” Bhaiya 2 Vadapav” (brother two Vadapav). Because of the strong aroma, I felt like eating 2 instead of 1. Bhaiya: “parcel ya idhar khane ka” (parcel or to have from here).Me: ”parcel”. I felt so happy at the moment; I paid him and then came back to room happily. When I saw the Vadapav I didn’t feel much strange. It can be called as a previous version of the modern burger.
Its Vada (something like cutlet made up of potato, chilies and all similar stuffs) kept in between a Pav (a cubical bun). But the taste was amazing!!! Our modern burger we get in McDonalds is nowhere near the taste of Vadapav. Hmm….. What to say; now I am a big time fan of Vadapav, every weekend I buy 2 Vadapav. :)
I am not sure of getting this month salary, but that can’t stop me from eating Vadapav :). My fiancĂ©e use to make fun of me like he will be the first husband in the world to divorce his wife for eating Vadapav!!! Whatever I love Vadapav.
I had been for a short vacation last month and know what happened when I came back? As usual I was at the Vadapav stall, and when I asked for 2 Vadapav the vendor asked me “Madam, chutti pe thi kya”(madam, were u on holiday). My happiness knew no bounds, because I realized the fact that there is someone in Pune who recognize me... lol!!! It may be a business trick for him, but for me it was something too much….
Hmmm there continues my Vadapav story. I am sure when I leave from Pune the Vadapav will be the one n only one thing I will miss for sure.Cheers to Vadapav!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Green Valley"

Hmmm... Green Valley.... The name itself brings freshness to our minds... On the very first day of my college life, I was taken here, with great expectations and much fear, I was taken here.. My favorite college hostel :-)
We often called green valley "desert valley", cos there weren’t much greenery except we few greenies inside :-) All strange species existed there, some who rarely open their mouth to some who never cares to shut their mouth(like me), it was really funny to spot them all together. Birthday parties, Christmas friends, New year gifts, all still remains fresh in my mind.. sure it’s the same with all others too…
Not many rooms.. it had just 11 rooms, but jam-packed with 5-6 in a room. And some rooms like 101 and 111 with 9-10 members!!!!
The best part of this hostel is our “tring tring” machine. Unfortunately we rarely found any mobile coverage in our hostel, funny na… haa our college was on a hilltop, but hostel in a deep gorge, so no network coverage.. For the same we showed much respect to our “tring tring”. From 5pm to 11-12 our “tring tring “remains busy… I still remember my parents have asked me if I’m staying in some telephone booth or what??? And the gal who answers "tring tring" was supposed to call out the name and room number of the person to whom the call was intended to, and many times when peopel in room nos 110 and 111 received calls we could hear "Ms S,room no: 1010(one not ten) or room no: one not eleven!!! We did all sorts of mischiefs from our room, our favorite being dumb charades, and me being the main actress. I loved doing this. Mr.S, Mr.R,Miss R were our favorites.
And it was no less than jail in case of food….
Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... goes the bell and all runs like mad wolves to the kitchen, but we were obedient, we stands in queue peeping out what’s there in stock for us today (no more fodders plz.. had enough of them).and the second bell also goes as a warning that no more food will be supplied if not reporting in another 5 minutes…. But on the last Monday of the month, never the second bell rings, 'cos all will be waiting eagerly for their biriyani :-) (note: this is the only day we eat food, rest all days it is fodder). The tea we get from the kitchen is that awesome that we call it"Kaadi vellam"(The drink we give to cow mixing the cow feeds)!!!
But one final day, our enjoyment came to a big halt. Miss Warden came with a rule, no fun after 8 since many wanted to study ( I still don’t know exactly who those dumb people are, I never saw anyone studying form my hostel). And all must be confined to their own room after 8, no changing rooms at night... (lol, she misunderstood us!!!!). And at last Mr. Tring Tring can rest now. Only two calls per person that too lasting for 5 mere minutes. Someone should take care of that and also mark it on a sheet pasted on the wall near tring tring. :-( Poor we, how will our boyfriends sleep now..? But still some crazy fellows managed to make their partners happy, they use to mark their call against some others name in the sheet, good idea Na, and for the same I missed many many calls. I know who did it; I am waiting for a chance to punish them.
When our frequency crosses the walls and reaches Miss Warden’s room, she starts for a round, but we never know it. One such day when she was entered my room, all expect me saw her… I was mimicking our dearest Mr.S and I didn't notice her, felt so embarrassed when i spotted her and to cover it up, can u guess what I did? I jumped down from bed :-), all got surprised with my behavior; even Miss Warden couldn’t help herself from laughing. Hmmm…..
We had our immediate seniors also in our hostel and it will be injustice if I don’t mention those moments.
During our first few months at college, we pretend to sleep early just to avoid getting assignments; seniors gives us to write their assignments which will be some 20 pages long :-( , we had to sacrifice our sleep n write those :-( . Moreover it was a strict rule that we juniors are not supposed to sing songs from bathroom or corridor, but those donkeys brayed as they wish (forgive me sisters for these usage, now I am not scared of you)
4 long years in the hostel and the final year when we got a chance of ragging our juniors.. it was a real fun, and that was the first time when someone told me that I look beautiful :-) he he, she meant it or might be scared of me. Still I believe the former one.
But apart from all these there was a terror over there….. Keep following to know the terror... "Terror" wont forgive me if i qoute about her at the end..... :-)...