Sunday, November 23, 2008

A tribute...

God’s creation, they are real wonders, in fact no one can dare to compete with his creativity. Some can talk some cannot, Indeed we are really lucky to be born as Humans, we express our feelings, we cry, we laugh, we speak, also does understand the feelings of our dear and near ones, not just humans, but also our pets.
They never talk the way we do, may be they talk on their own, I don’t know if they talk???Do they??
Not many but I am sure they are a plentiful of people who loves animals, at least give a nod to the animals as I do.
I love animals, may it be my pets or others. I am moving on to a world a few years back………..
I always fought to keep a pet… I used to hear stories from my mom about her childhood when she had lots of pets... not one or two... but many many…
She tells me she used to do make ups for hers pets… hens, cats, dogs, cows... funny??Even I felt so until my pet cat “Malu” came to my life… he changed my life altogether … he took me to a world full of love and happiness…
I was in my twelfth standard then… Too busy with studies and preparation for engineering entrance examinations… It was my younger brother who took Malu to our home. He saw it somewhere near our house crying, I saw him as a tiny creature, with fluffy fur as white as snow, with a very thick furry tail. He was very thin and I thought he’s not gonna escape. Initially, even my parents didn’t like us keep him, but we (Me n my bro) went on. We took out a coconut shell, filled it with milk and gave him, In a fraction of second, he finished it off!!! He was that hungry, and his behaviour with us was as though he had been with us for years… brushing his head on our toes, licking our fingers, we enjoyed it really and we decided to keep him. He was well behaved and this made my parents’ keep him at our home. I have seen many of other pet cats behaving odd, in front of guests and all, but my little Malu was descent, at most modest, he loved welcoming guests :). He accompanies them from gate till our house and meows continuously that the guests needn't ring the bell!!
Often remember having got enough scolding from my parents for wasting my studying time to play with Malu, he slept with us, and we fought for him at night, I remember, I had kept open my bros bedroom window open so that Malu escapes from there n comes to sleep with me :).
I used to put make up for him, keeping bindis on his forehead, making small chain with pearls for him, tying ribbons for him, n use to put rings on his long furry tail :), I believe he too enjoyed it a lot, cos he seems so cozy those times…I remember having put a Band-Aid on his hands too when he got an injury :).
He loves sleeping a lot, I had read once a house cat sleeps for 16 hrs a day, I wondered how, But after being with my Malu I understood it is true, we used to “transfer” his sleeping place while he sleeps; still that never bothered him, he just continues to sleep :), he cuddles down whenever he get a chance, if its my lap or bed or sofa, he never gets disturbed.
One thing Malu hated like anything was newspapers, He knew we won’t care for him while reading newspaper, So he just tries to jump onto our lap and make to and fro movements so as to disturb our reading till we finally keep down the newspaper :) , we need to wait for him for his breakfast time to read newspaper.
Once he fell into our well!!! Oh God I still remember how panic me and my brother was. But somehow we managed to take him up, he was shivering with cold, I took him in my lap, brushed his fur with hair dryer, gave him hot milk and kept him under blanket for sometime, after two-three hours, he came back playfully as though nothing had happened.
Time passed, I became his pet!!! When I feel sad, I used to make him sit with me and tell him my sorrows, I felt he understood everything :).
I feed him in his mouth rather than plate, plays with him, pampers him as though he was my baby!!!He sits on my lap when I studies, he cuddles beside me when I sleep, our relation grew, with no barriers in between we were like mom and son, when I leave to school, he takes up my bed, welcomes me with his meows when I was back at eve, eats with me, watch TV with me, and so on….
Not just me he cared for all, He knows the time my parents come back from office and he will be eagerly waiting for them, to know what they have bought for him as a small child use to do, and keep on meowing and jumping from one place to next when they get down from car. And indeed my parents took care of him and so they bring fish and other parts for him and boil it and give him :). He was that cute enough to impress all.
But he do fight with other cats who enters our compound :). He was a king inside and didn’t like other cats entering in. He stopped them all. He fought with them , And finally comes and stand in front of us with his head lowered; for he knows we hated him fight with other cats, what can he do, obviously he need to keep his prestige ...
Some how, I missed him very badly when I had to move to a college hostel for my studies, not just me; he too missed me. Mom says he cries like anything going to my room and when he gets no answer sleeps on my bed. Once in a while when I drop at home, I felt his happiness and love for me every time, he meows and runs around me welcoming me, brushes his body on my foot, jumps on to my laps, what else he doesn’t do. Hehe!!!!.If I didn’t see him at home I call out his name loudly and wherever he’s he comes running to me like an obedient son :)
Days passed years passed, this became a routine for him to miss me and finally got adapted with it, In meanwhile he became a father too :) And you know what I called myself grandma… Oops … Funny?? Now I too feel so, but then I used to feel so proud, he had a daughter and I named her “Kitty”. She too was like him furry n snow white :).
I passed my engineering, had to finally leave my home town to a different place, for Job. By now Malu had grown up into a big cat, but he still had that cuteness in him and also played the pranks to his fullest. He was now above 5 years, he was our dear one for 5 long years, not just mine, but my entire family admired him, his smartness and obedience. Even my friends knew how crazy I was for this pet, and they called me “poocha mummy” meaning cat mom :) (poocha=cat).I used to bring chocolates for him, and many times my friend teased me like they wished to be my cat at least in next birth. Cool right?
The first thing I used to ask my mom n dad while making phone calls to them was about how my Malu is doing? If he’s fine there, if he is having proper food and all, If he’s obeying them, he plays prank on them again and all, and at times when Malu meows, my parents’ do make calls to me to make me hear his sweet “meow”. I tell my parents then that he’s calling mom n not meowing, I bet I was really crazy for him.
But it happened one day, like it happens with everyone , He left us, still don’t know where he went, If he’s still alive and all, and my parents told me he might have gone for pilgrimage in his old age :)
I too thank God for this kind of partition, even though he left us all, he didn’t make us cry a lot, we can still hope he’s alive somewhere, I still hope the same, he’s always alive in me, his pranks, his joyful movements, the scene he makes after a fight, his sweet meow, everything. Even he loved us so much, else he wouldn’t have left us this way. Even in case he’s no more ,we didn’t see him motionless, that would have been even more painful.
Just love him a lot, a lot and lot, he was wonderful in everyway :). Wherever he’s now I pray for his happiness and wish he comes back to me again, if not this birth next birth :) …
Love you Malu…

Friday, November 21, 2008