Friday, January 2, 2015

Scary New Year!!!

New Year has always been special, fun filled. Last year I enjoyed with my little girl, and at evening, went to the park and then for a dinner with my better half. The year before was even more fun filled, as it was associated with the house warming of my Uncle’s new house. We all cousins and kins had a real good time.
This year too it was special, adventurous, more precisely scary…
My New Year rituals include a temple visit, which I never missed. Even while in Japan I remember having gone to some Zen temple. This year too, I planned to go with my girl. Along with New Year it was also Vaikuntha Ekadasi, a very auspicious day for Hindus. So By 10 15 my husband on his way to office, gave a ring and told, it’s too crowded and the queue to enter temple is stretched till the bus stop. I thought will go by eve.  Had a sumptuous meal- Chicken Biriyani… Me and Janvi enjoyed it with raita. Then had a short but sound nap… Around 4 30 she woke up and woke me up too… We were hungry, ate some biscuits, had cakes and we were thinking of what next and just kept watching cartoons. By 5 30, I told her to get ready for temple… She was excited… I gave her a shorts and T shirt. She was completely annoyed and started crying for her paavadai… (Full Skirt and Blouse). I literally got irritated. I knew it will be difficult for me to walk around with her in Skirts. But she was stubborn. I dressed up and tried compromising with her. She didn’t give up. So I had to keep searching.
In the meantime my husband reached and he too put his hands for the search. Finally we succeeded in finding her favorite set of clothes. So by around 6, I and Janvi started for temple. We left for the temple in my two-wheeler. She was all excited that as soon as I parked, she got down lifted her skirts and started walking. We were surprised to see the crowd. I lifted her and stood in the queue. In another 10-15 minutes, we could get inside the temple. It was crowded inside. We moved along with the crowd. Somehow managed to get the prasadam (holy offerings); both of us gave our offerings and came out. She was happy to have received Tulsi leaves and sandal paste bindi. We were about to go back home when she insisted me to go back to the temple and sit for some time. She wanted to spread her flared skirts and enjoy. So we sat for around 5-10 minutes and then we started back. Then came the toy seller who aims at each and every kid coming to temple. She refused to come with me. She wanted a Chotta Bheem balloon. I had only 20 ₹ with me and I was persuading her to come along, she didn’t even bother to listen. I had to go with her and asked the vendor to give me a balloon. She was somehow happy that she got a Red Balloon.  
We wore our slippers and instead of taking a roundabout of the temple to come out, I took a quicker way, but had to cross some concrete pillars. While crossing them I happened to look onto a biker and saw him looking at me as well. I thought just a coincidence as it happens with everyone. Janvi wanted to walk, so I held her hands and let her walk. She was very careful with her steps. While going towards the parking, I saw the same bikers having stopped a little forward. The one behind was speaking over phone and the one in front was staring at me. I ignored thinking a New Year eve teasing. We went over to our vehicle, Janvi occupied her position and then we started. I was a little irritated to see that bikers over there. When I crossed past them, they started their vehicle as well. Now I was literally scared and confused. I thought I just felt someone is following me, after all I never thought people will hurt a 3 year old kid. I put on my indicator to take the right turn, fearing in case they increase their speed, I shouldn’t collide with them. I increased my speed, but Janvi started shouting as her balloon was flying off. So I reduced the speed to 20s… They were still following me with the same speed; we drove for around 300 meters. I had to take a sharp left turn, but this time however I didn’t want to put indicators. However, they still followed me. I was very much scared by now. When there were few people on the street and there was a speed breaker, I completely slowed down. I expected that the bikers will overtake me and they did. I was so relieved and for a moment I felt bad for having suspected them. They had gone away from my vicinity.
I maintained the same speed; the road too was not that great. Finally when it reached somewhere near my flat I was completely shocked. The particular street that leads to our apartment does not have a street light. I was completely dark. The adjacent lane has street lights, but there were teak trees (around 100 of them) in between the roads, that keep the other street complete dark. The guys had stopped their vehicle perpendicular to the road, blocking me from entering the road. I felt scared. Still I put the indicator and took a turn. All of a sudden the guy sitting behind got down and tried snatching my chain. I was expecting something of this kind. Somehow I managed to hold my neck in one hands and cuddle Janvi with other hands, and we both fell down. We had fell onto dried grass, and she fell onto me. Even when the guy approached us, Janvi was crying very badly, even I was howling mad, completely scared out of the situation. Hearing our cries, they guys sped away. I was wearing a collared dress that prevented them from snatching the chain. But I still have got the scratch marks on my neck and it’s painful. After getting up, I asked Janvi if she was alright. She was completely fine, but was wondering why they pushed us. My vehicle was still lying over the grass. I was shivering and iced and didn’t have the slightest courage to lift the vehicle. I had kept my phone in a small bag hooked to my vehicle.  I quickly made a call to my husband and asked him to come down. Before he came, a car with a political party’s flag came and stopped nearby. I stepped back. I was completely scared. He told me not to get scared, n asked what actually happened. He lifted my vehicle, told me he’s a local in that area, and needn’t worry at all. I explained him what happened. He waited for my husband to come. They spoke for some time, and he told that he personally knows the ward councilor and he will speak to him about the street light once again, which they have been requesting for a long time.
My husband asked me to take the vehicle home and told he will come with Janvi. I didn’t have the courage to start the vehicle, but didn’t have any other way, Janvi was completely shaken, and I dint want to walk alone with in dark. I came in and told my security of what happened. I could see my security from the spot, but he didn’t even realize that something happened, because it was at most dark.
By the time my husband reached the apartment gate, our neighbor with his family was there. He told him the happenings and they went to the police station. After sometime they came back with a constable. She enquired on what happened, if I can recognize them and if I noted the vehicle number. I didn’t see any of those. However I can recognize him in any crowd. I was hurt that bad.
Hundred thanks to neighbor Saumya who gave me and my daughter company when my husband was away to the station. Janvi was quite OK after she started playing with Tanvi. Usually we go for a happy New Year dinner and that also had to be dropped because of these idiots. We planned to get parcel for dinner. My husband asked my little girl if she wanted to accompany him for getting it. She refused blankly saying, the uncle wearing green T shirt will come to push me down. I won’t come. I was very much scared if she would be affected badly. But she’s recovering. I couldn’t sleep properly yesterday. Was in full fear, the scene of the guy trying to snatch away my chain was keeping on flashing resisting me from sleeping.
I had bruises all over my legs, feet, knees, wrist, shoulder, and scratches on neck. Even had few blood clots spread over thigh. But my little angel didn’t even get a single scratch! I thank God for it. 

I hope with time, I will get back to normal. And this was also a caution to all other ladies over there who takes that path to grocery shop and early morning walks over there. I was completely scared and my whole body was terribly paining that I too had to compromise on my today’s morning walk. I just thank God that he helped me out and prevented anything further bad from happening. Many other things too could have taken place. They could have attempted robbery even after I fell down. They could have kidnapped my daughter; they could have raped or even killed me. One million thanks to God, the almighty for keeping us safe and sound.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami and Earthquake

I have faced this question in many interviews. any unforgettable day in your life, so far I answered, not yet, but now for sure I would say , its 11 march 2011. Its over 1.5 years here for me and 3 plus for Vineeth @ Japan. Before he brought me here, he had warned me about the quakes here, and he being experienced with those minor shakes comforted me when i experienced those and soon me too became accustomed to them. So far so good, lovely place, lovely people.
But yesterday was totally different day, woke up as usual, cooked food, blogged, ate lunch, studied for sometime.
These days I don’t know f its laziness that’s inviting so much sleep to me, but I feel a lot tired and Sleep like a pig! Yesterday too, around 2 pm, I sent message to Vineeth to call me by 3 pm, since I wont wake up without his call, and I had a lot to study. Lazy me, put on the blankets, turned on the heater, and started sleeeeping!
All I could remember is something shook me, A sleepy pig like me, to wake up so fast, it sure is a big shaking. I looked up at heater , half sleepy and found it off, neither Vineeth had called me, But the lamp above me was swinging, I could hear the fusumas(sliding doors) hitting each other and making sound, The glass panes shivering, Everything happened altogether and I just ran out of bed.
I wasn’t even able to balance myself, it was shaking terrible, I could figure out its something serious, Went and took hold of "Vilakku"(lamp) in hands and sat at a corner. Heard many hings falling down, I didn’t know what from where,For a moment Kith n Kins faces came in front of me. I cried and prayed. I had my mobile in my pockets, I tried calling Vineeth, but call was getting disconnected.
All I could see around was the walls shaking terribly and the hanging lamp swinging with full force, I was even scared if it might come down n knock my head.
 It stopped for a moment, I managed to open window n see if anyone is running out, but ppl who were walking did gather at places apart from buildings n no one was running out. Vineeth had warned me before itself not to run out of house in case of quakes, cos house is the safest area.Dont know if its cos of fear, but i felt like peeing! and rushed to bathroom only to get scared more, the water was dancing inside. My lord, What the hell! happened to looks at laptop, just to know the news, and realized no power, no net, total disaster. Everytime the quake slows down, I would think oh, this is over, im safe, and try calling Vineeth, but no use, and then it would shake again! I even looked out through my window to see if my hubbys office building is safe! lol hes more important than my life for me, And when I see it I feel relaxed.
I was always scared of roller coaster ride and always took a ride after Vineeth forcing me, n I either sit with my eyes closed or would scream like a kid for 2-3 minutes, But yesterday it was more or less 1.5 hours of roller coaster ride. I didn’t scream for sure, I was rather confused, Many faces came in front of me, I called many gods name, I was praying for life.Time never pass on so fast like yesterday! Scary moments, shaking surroundings.
It was when Vineeth reached back home, I realized what all happened around, He asked me to call home and inform that we are safe, we tried and tried and finally got connected to my dad and they were so relaxed after hearing my voice. The medias as usual exaggerating news had created real panic in India.Yesterday 7 hours it was full terror and anxiety, and finally when power came on we were much relaxed, but when we switched on TV we were again tensed!
But was really happy to see messages and mails from friends and relatives asking about our well being, its really nice to know people do care us!
Yesterday sleeping was also a bit difficult with quakes following in and above 120 shakes following the major one did really bring headache and I wasn’t even able to figure out if its me or earth shaking!
Today too we are experiencing some minor quakes, but all is well, Life getting back to normal, still tension prevailing in mind.
Hope God saves each and every child of his from disaster, Prayers for all the souls who lost their life in Th Tsunami Hit yesterday at Sendai Coast.
Million Thanks to God and all who prayed for people at Japan.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Chilly weather and photography

Saturday wasnt a very cold day here, After a pretty long gap, we sw the temp around 15 C and were quite happy. We are both travelling freaks and was totally restless since 3 months in a row. We made up our mind, put on our lightest jacket,hoping the tem wont go down and started off to Odaiba/Daiba. Th place is near Tokyo bay, with wonderful shopping malls, a dirty beach(LOL), and lots n lots of hi-fi buildings,which lits too beautifully at at. The main purpose of my outing was posing in front of camera(I love that since I got him as my photographer, hes quite a good one at camera), and if possible eaing something from outside(I did love breaks from my kitchen at time, though I love cooking). Before starting from home, we had nearly 30mins of phooshoot! haha, I enjoyed posing n he too.
We started off and got into the wrong train! the negative impacts of not travelling fo a long time showed up in us. The journey hich should have minimum taken 20 mins now turned to a 40 mins one! But we had our seats n so relaxed and I was almost asleep1
We enjoyed moving around daiba shore, where there were lots of lovely Japanese kids, wh more or less resembled apples. They ere playing in the sands, and parents were having a very hard time controlling them. Me ust kept watching all those lovely sights, while he was busy clicking buildings and the sun.
Mr. Sun was about to take leave for the day
The climate was too pleasing, atatakai climate or very warm climate. We had been there couple of times before too, but this time, it was a twilight expedition. Just remember the clock chime at 5 and then the temperature started dropping off suddenly. No muflers, no caps, no gloves, no shawls, only light jackets!
Oh me, I couldnt believe I survived those. I was like come on lets go home now, I cant stay anymore, as my photosession wa over, but he was still waiting for mr sun to vanish completely, clicking every moment of it
For my skae he took some shadow clicks with sun too, we enjoyed posing, and since it was getting cold, there were only a very few ppl left around. So we didnt have any embarrassment at all! just kept clicking, but again when he stopped my clicks, it was chilly for me. Felt like I should have atleast worn a better jacket. Then comes he next probem. He wanted to go to a point  exteneded in between the bay to click pics. I had to accompany him and I felt my skin was tearing off. He too was shivering and had his tripod on. He clicked some beautiful snaps and I too felt happy for him. Around 6 30 he was done with his photography, since it was completely dark and all the buildings had lit up!
Now it ws my turn to demand, I am hungry, I will die of hunger! Well my sweety took me to my favourite McD and bought me chicken strips, tat was all wat I needed. Done some wndow shopping and then hurried off to home. Back home, seeing the excellent clicks, I was soo happy or him, well it was worth the wait in the chilly weather! he as usual tld me, you need to develop your patience, LOL!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Am I seriously Lazy?

Well this is one of those questions I have been asking myself a lot these days. Am i Lazy? My husband says no, cos he gets his food at the right time! But I am not doing any productive work. Its almost a year now, I resigned from job, stopped freelance activities, even painting.Lol seriously I am lazy. In between started learning Japanese, and that period I think I was not lazy, cos I cleared the tests with pretty good marks, but what after that? I did stop my usual walking exercise, dropped on my usual diet and started having lots of biriyanis, my God, only when I write these, i realize how lazy I am getting on. Well they say "Have a break, Have a kitkat", but for me it was more than that. A long break with lots of much more interesting items. Whatever, I resumed my blogging after a pretty long time, i.e, 2 years,  am happy with that, also started a new blog with my culinary expertise, rather experience. I am simple loving that, its just awesome, eating new new food everday, hubby darling too enjoying it, These days his slogan is " I love you only when you cook new dishes to e" like the boy saying" I love you only when you make cookies or me"! Nothing matters, he is happy and that's all what I want. Again started my exercise from yesterday, Previously where I used to walk 10 kms a day, I reduced it to 3 kms, hoping to increase the kms in a couple of days, After all I need to shred 4 large Kgs! Early morning walks here is truly awesome, u get many dog friends, waving their tails to show love and respect(that's what I call). I myself is longing to have one, but the money problem!!! Keeping a pet is not at all economical here. Well will get one, when back in India, he have promised to do so. Another interesting one is small kids staring at me, well after reading lots of Manga(comics) books, they might be thinking I am an alien! God only knows. But some tries to smile ta me, fearful, but I returns them too, cos I love kids a lot. Ohh, no, I have dragged myself away form the topic, Am i Lazy, seriously am i Lazy? I try pretty hard to concentrate studying Japanese, but this laptop of mine does snatch away my concentration, not browsing, but playing stupid games, I know they r stupid, bu addictive! Yesterday I have asked my hubby to delete all those default system games and also lock the laptop since I may browse online sites to play games. I don't wanna be a lazy bone, but I am. I do not want to. Having a lot of extra energy in me, I just want to spill them out. Hope in a near future, I will stop thinking that I am lazy and would spend time more productively. :)