Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Am I seriously Lazy?

Well this is one of those questions I have been asking myself a lot these days. Am i Lazy? My husband says no, cos he gets his food at the right time! But I am not doing any productive work. Its almost a year now, I resigned from job, stopped freelance activities, even painting.Lol seriously I am lazy. In between started learning Japanese, and that period I think I was not lazy, cos I cleared the tests with pretty good marks, but what after that? I did stop my usual walking exercise, dropped on my usual diet and started having lots of biriyanis, my God, only when I write these, i realize how lazy I am getting on. Well they say "Have a break, Have a kitkat", but for me it was more than that. A long break with lots of much more interesting items. Whatever, I resumed my blogging after a pretty long time, i.e, 2 years,  am happy with that, also started a new blog with my culinary expertise, rather experience. I am simple loving that, its just awesome, eating new new food everday, hubby darling too enjoying it, These days his slogan is " I love you only when you cook new dishes to e" like the boy saying" I love you only when you make cookies or me"! Nothing matters, he is happy and that's all what I want. Again started my exercise from yesterday, Previously where I used to walk 10 kms a day, I reduced it to 3 kms, hoping to increase the kms in a couple of days, After all I need to shred 4 large Kgs! Early morning walks here is truly awesome, u get many dog friends, waving their tails to show love and respect(that's what I call). I myself is longing to have one, but the money problem!!! Keeping a pet is not at all economical here. Well will get one, when back in India, he have promised to do so. Another interesting one is small kids staring at me, well after reading lots of Manga(comics) books, they might be thinking I am an alien! God only knows. But some tries to smile ta me, fearful, but I returns them too, cos I love kids a lot. Ohh, no, I have dragged myself away form the topic, Am i Lazy, seriously am i Lazy? I try pretty hard to concentrate studying Japanese, but this laptop of mine does snatch away my concentration, not browsing, but playing stupid games, I know they r stupid, bu addictive! Yesterday I have asked my hubby to delete all those default system games and also lock the laptop since I may browse online sites to play games. I don't wanna be a lazy bone, but I am. I do not want to. Having a lot of extra energy in me, I just want to spill them out. Hope in a near future, I will stop thinking that I am lazy and would spend time more productively. :)

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