Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It’s not a long time that I’m into this city.. And to be frank I don’t find anything much exciting here. Within two years this is my 4th location. Started my journey from Hyderabad to Chennai to Bangalore and finally here. Had different experience from all these places, met different sorts of people, different food habits, Hmm that’s a long story to say about.
Before coming to Pune as usual like all others, I too had many questions- how the climate is over there? Will it be hot or cold, what will be food style? Since I’m from Kerala, my friends told me I would starve form here because I won’t get anything of my taste... Things will be having a “northi” (north Indian) taste. But it is life, it is my career, so had to be here.
Didn’t find much difference from other places, can say a mix of Hyderabad and Bangalore. Climate is 99% similar to Bangalore, and 1% bit cooler, and traffic its almost like Hyderabad, but a little lesser. Thank God I dint find anything similar to Chennai here. And people do take bath and its a clean city.The one and only one thing I found strange here is is the"PMPML", the public transport. Having a look at some of them one may feel the body parts may come out and so feels safe to keep away from it.
I see everyday nearly 6-7 board where it is written”swach Pune sunder Pune” (clean Pune beautiful Pune”). Ya indeed it is clean. Every day I walk 2 kms to catch my office bus, but it was never tiresome for me cos its cool in the morning, and the roads are all too clean, and u don’t find dogs shitting on the roads as in Bangalore or wastages on roads as in Chennai. Lol!!! That’s the worst part of my life I spent there(@ Chennai).
But lack of a friend that’s sure a big problem, and that’s what I’m facing here in Pune.I do have friends here but they are all too far away from my place. Being a big chatter box it’s very difficult for me to keep my mouth shut for a long time and from here I am having headache cos my mouth is shut most of the time :-(. But since I am staying in the heart of Pune city (MG Road), I always get a chance to make a stroll at weekend evenings and that keeps me a bit energetic. And a person with no identity here it’s safe to roam here and there.
During one such evening stroll, I came across my favorite place. The “Vadapav” stall. It’s typically a roadside stall. But the Vadapav over there is famous all over and people come there right from morning 10 till night 10-10.30. It’s crowded almost all of the time. Still I decided to have a munch of this stuff. If so much of people rush over to this spot just for Vadapav, I too must taste it right? So finally I went in through the rush and murmered very softly” Bhaiya 2 Vadapav” (brother two Vadapav). Because of the strong aroma, I felt like eating 2 instead of 1. Bhaiya: “parcel ya idhar khane ka” (parcel or to have from here).Me: ”parcel”. I felt so happy at the moment; I paid him and then came back to room happily. When I saw the Vadapav I didn’t feel much strange. It can be called as a previous version of the modern burger.
Its Vada (something like cutlet made up of potato, chilies and all similar stuffs) kept in between a Pav (a cubical bun). But the taste was amazing!!! Our modern burger we get in McDonalds is nowhere near the taste of Vadapav. Hmm….. What to say; now I am a big time fan of Vadapav, every weekend I buy 2 Vadapav. :)
I am not sure of getting this month salary, but that can’t stop me from eating Vadapav :). My fiancée use to make fun of me like he will be the first husband in the world to divorce his wife for eating Vadapav!!! Whatever I love Vadapav.
I had been for a short vacation last month and know what happened when I came back? As usual I was at the Vadapav stall, and when I asked for 2 Vadapav the vendor asked me “Madam, chutti pe thi kya”(madam, were u on holiday). My happiness knew no bounds, because I realized the fact that there is someone in Pune who recognize me... lol!!! It may be a business trick for him, but for me it was something too much….
Hmmm there continues my Vadapav story. I am sure when I leave from Pune the Vadapav will be the one n only one thing I will miss for sure.Cheers to Vadapav!!!

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