Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Green Valley"

Hmmm... Green Valley.... The name itself brings freshness to our minds... On the very first day of my college life, I was taken here, with great expectations and much fear, I was taken here.. My favorite college hostel :-)
We often called green valley "desert valley", cos there weren’t much greenery except we few greenies inside :-) All strange species existed there, some who rarely open their mouth to some who never cares to shut their mouth(like me), it was really funny to spot them all together. Birthday parties, Christmas friends, New year gifts, all still remains fresh in my mind.. sure it’s the same with all others too…
Not many rooms.. it had just 11 rooms, but jam-packed with 5-6 in a room. And some rooms like 101 and 111 with 9-10 members!!!!
The best part of this hostel is our “tring tring” machine. Unfortunately we rarely found any mobile coverage in our hostel, funny na… haa our college was on a hilltop, but hostel in a deep gorge, so no network coverage.. For the same we showed much respect to our “tring tring”. From 5pm to 11-12 our “tring tring “remains busy… I still remember my parents have asked me if I’m staying in some telephone booth or what??? And the gal who answers "tring tring" was supposed to call out the name and room number of the person to whom the call was intended to, and many times when peopel in room nos 110 and 111 received calls we could hear "Ms S,room no: 1010(one not ten) or room no: one not eleven!!! We did all sorts of mischiefs from our room, our favorite being dumb charades, and me being the main actress. I loved doing this. Mr.S, Mr.R,Miss R were our favorites.
And it was no less than jail in case of food….
Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... goes the bell and all runs like mad wolves to the kitchen, but we were obedient, we stands in queue peeping out what’s there in stock for us today (no more fodders plz.. had enough of them).and the second bell also goes as a warning that no more food will be supplied if not reporting in another 5 minutes…. But on the last Monday of the month, never the second bell rings, 'cos all will be waiting eagerly for their biriyani :-) (note: this is the only day we eat food, rest all days it is fodder). The tea we get from the kitchen is that awesome that we call it"Kaadi vellam"(The drink we give to cow mixing the cow feeds)!!!
But one final day, our enjoyment came to a big halt. Miss Warden came with a rule, no fun after 8 since many wanted to study ( I still don’t know exactly who those dumb people are, I never saw anyone studying form my hostel). And all must be confined to their own room after 8, no changing rooms at night... (lol, she misunderstood us!!!!). And at last Mr. Tring Tring can rest now. Only two calls per person that too lasting for 5 mere minutes. Someone should take care of that and also mark it on a sheet pasted on the wall near tring tring. :-( Poor we, how will our boyfriends sleep now..? But still some crazy fellows managed to make their partners happy, they use to mark their call against some others name in the sheet, good idea Na, and for the same I missed many many calls. I know who did it; I am waiting for a chance to punish them.
When our frequency crosses the walls and reaches Miss Warden’s room, she starts for a round, but we never know it. One such day when she was entered my room, all expect me saw her… I was mimicking our dearest Mr.S and I didn't notice her, felt so embarrassed when i spotted her and to cover it up, can u guess what I did? I jumped down from bed :-), all got surprised with my behavior; even Miss Warden couldn’t help herself from laughing. Hmmm…..
We had our immediate seniors also in our hostel and it will be injustice if I don’t mention those moments.
During our first few months at college, we pretend to sleep early just to avoid getting assignments; seniors gives us to write their assignments which will be some 20 pages long :-( , we had to sacrifice our sleep n write those :-( . Moreover it was a strict rule that we juniors are not supposed to sing songs from bathroom or corridor, but those donkeys brayed as they wish (forgive me sisters for these usage, now I am not scared of you)
4 long years in the hostel and the final year when we got a chance of ragging our juniors.. it was a real fun, and that was the first time when someone told me that I look beautiful :-) he he, she meant it or might be scared of me. Still I believe the former one.
But apart from all these there was a terror over there….. Keep following to know the terror... "Terror" wont forgive me if i qoute about her at the end..... :-)...

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"that was the first time when someone told me that I look beautiful :-)"
hi hi..athu njan chumma thadi thappan paranjathalle...viswasichalle, kalli... :D