Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun @ college

School life and College life, the most enjoyed period of an individual’s life, mine too. Laughter and chatter everywhere, While school life confined mainly with books and games, college life is something different, a feel of being free, gossiping, playing pranks, bunking classes, its real fun.. each and every where u can find a immediate joker.

Here I mention few of those jokes during my college life:
1. A group of girls, of junior batch of mine at college called themselves “LEPROSY” .Hey they are not patients , but they named it with all of the members first letters in name. So it became “LEPROSY”. One of my batch mate a poor silly funny fellow, too innocent asked me one day while those girls strolled near us” Da, those girls are “CHOLERA” na??? Ohhh God!!!!

2. After seeing this girl, at the very first sight itself one would feel that she has got a nut loose. Unfortunately I got into hr umbrella on a very sunny day as to escape from sunrays. Guess what happened? She closed that umbrella!!! Felt so embarrassed. Not this, on rainy days, she will fold her umbrella only after reaching her desk!!!

3. A teacher of ours is so fond of the usage of ”Due to” that we finally renamed him “due to” sir. We used to count the number of due to he use in a single hour, and it would be better if I don’t mention them

4. A super senior of mine proposed the beautiful roommate of mine like this “You are very beautiful and I am in Love with you”. Guess what my roomy replied???? No? Can’t make a guess?? "Thanks"!!!!

5. During one of our elective session, my classmate came late into the class (late in the sense, late by 20-25 minutes).Sir asked him “Are you in this class” He just looks around and replies “Ya I am in this class, I think u r not”!!!

6. Q/A session after seminar got over.. Sir asked the presenter: Mention the major factors affecting so and so… Reply he got: There are mainly 4 factors, viz, first: ---------------------, second: ---------------------, third: ------------------- and last: sorry there were only three factors!!!!

7. There were also very much irresistible moments on our college day, when my batch mate who was totally drunk climbed on the stage and hugged and kissed the singer (lol he is a male singer)

8. A teacher who was a rank holder asked us to give feedback on his lecturing skills and one guy gave it like this" Sir, you ask for feedback, but I cannot feed you back, You a rank man, But we poor student"!!!

9. A quite cozy lecture was going on, and this girl was busy talking on phone lying on her desk. Suddenly her best friend sitting next to her said to her "Sir is asking the question to u". Our girl stood up and asked "Can you plz repeat the question, I couldn't get it". All in the class sat with their mouth wide-open, since there was no question being asked. Hmm I was fooled by my friend!!!

10. Above all there was a poor girl who always drew diagrams on the board when the teacher requested, and alas she failed in that paper for university exams!!!!! That was none other than me :-).

These are all very few instances from college life.. have a lot and lot, but I want to wind up here, else you will get bored :-(, now don’t say you got bored already..plz….

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sreena said...

cool...miss our college days....all the incidents i can remember just like yday...keep writing....